Tuesday, June 18, 2013

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Cubase 7

Cubase has been a very popular production DAW since the last 5 years,

  in fact, its number of users has grown exponentially.

 Knowing the fact that Cubase is a very performant program,

 it was inevitable that one day it would reach its current status as one

 of the best DAW's producers use. Since its release on December 5, 2012,

 Cubase 7 has surpassed every other production program for many reasons :

 Its versatility is incredible, no matter what genre you are producing in,

 Cubase 7 is there for you. Many producers

 including Electronic Dance Music's finest like "Knife Party",

 "Phaeleh", "Tantrum Desire", "Drumsound & Bassline Smith" 

not only support Cubase 7 but also use it.

Cubase 7 Crack download

Cubase 7 has been cracked by no other than us and Team AiR. During these times,

 Team AiR has laid low because of legal problems but after a year of sorting things

 out they finally came out with their last crack to say their goodbye to the music industry.

 Steinberg should really feel special for this.

 Take a look at the installation pictures for proof.

Cubase 7 Crack Setup 1 Cubase 7 Crack Setup 2 

How Did We Crack Cubase 7

"Cubase 7 has been one of the hardest programs we have ever had to crack.

" Stated Team AiR on an interview. "

Almost all of its disk space was there for encryption purposes,

 if it weren't for that, Cubase 7 would require almost 75% less disk space."

This is all we know for now, we do not know how they cracked it or with what. 

We hope to answer these questions later on. For now, keep producing!